The "Jesus: The Evidence" booklet provides an overview of the substantial evidence for Jesus being the Son of God. If you would like a copy, please click HERE . We will then send you one for free!

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Topics covered in the Jesus: the Evidence booklet:


Part 1: The Historical Evidence

  • What historical evidence do we have for Jesus?
  • How trustworthy is this historical evidence?
  • How accurate is the historical evidence?
  • Is there contemporary written evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?
  • Does archaeology support the written historical evidence?
  • Does the historical evidence stand up to rational scrutiny?

Part 2: Who was Jesus?

  • Was Jesus convinced that He was the Son of God?
  • Was Jesus massively deluded to think of Himself in this way?
  • Did Jesus’ original followers think that He was the Son of God?
  • Did Jesus unintentionally or deliberately mislead His followers so that they believed He was the Son of God.
  • What about other “messianic” leaders? In what ways was Jesus similar or different?

Part 3: Resurrection – the Evidence

  • What evidence do we have for the Resurrection?
  • Was Jesus really executed?
  • What happened to Jesus’ body if He was executed?
  • What is the evidence for Jesus being seen alive by His followers after His death?
  • Is there any evidence from outside the Bible that supports or undermines the Resurrection?
  • Does this evidence stand up to rational scrutiny?

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