Agnostic to Christian - A Path to Jesus

If you’ve reached the stage where you think there’s a possibility that Jesus might be the Son of God, then you will no doubt have other legitimate questions on belief in God and Jesus. Written from the perspective of an agnostic, the downloadable booklet on this page aims to provide answers to many of the typical questions people have. We hope you find it of use.


Topics covered in the “A Path to Jesus” booklet:


Introduction Part 1: Agnostic to Follower of Jesus

Chapter 1: Don’t Know? Can’t Know? (Or: Cats Can’t Comprehend Calculus)

Chapter 2: Jesus- It’s not all Made Up

Chapter 3: The Old Testament – An Atheist “Aunt Sally”?

Chapter 4: If He’s All Good, Why Do People Keep Killing Other People in Jesus’ Name?

Chapter 5: Can All the Other Religions Be Wrong?

Chapter 6: Alternative Lifestyles

Chapter 7: Science and God. Why All the Fuss?

Chapter 8: Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Chapter 9: Can Someone Explain to Me Why Jesus Had to Die For My Sins?

Chapter 10: I Like Your Jesus. It’s Your Christians I Have a Problem With

Chapter 11: Time for a Decision

Part Two: What It’s Like on “The Other Side”


The Arch of Titus in Rome – showing scenes from the sack of Jerusalem in 70 AD

Jerusalem temple stones thrown down by the Romans in AD70. The falling stones broke the pavement below (foreground).


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